This Is The Last One, Folks


I wrote a note and left it at KAB for the next group of people studying abroad and I think this will sound something like that. I came to Malaysia with absolutely no idea what to expect, no idea about Malaysia, and half a mind that this was going to be terrible. And it was hard. There were a lot of times that I felt frustrated and sad.

And it was one night when I was sitting on the roof and listing to Terese play ‘I Will Always Love You’ on the ukulele and I was looking at the stars and I started crying because I felt such amazing bliss. I know for a fact that I was meant to go to Malaysia. It was seriously magical. It’s amazing to feel like you are exactly where you are supposed to be and it’s terrifying to think that I’m going back to unknown.

But I rode and elephant, and saw a music festival, and got pulled over by Malaysian cops, and befriended a monk, and went parasailing, and hiked in a jungle, and rode a lot of buses, and learned some Malay, and made some amazing friends.

I’ve fallen in love with traveling and I’ve fallen in love with all of the places I have been. I love Malaysia for everything that is has been to me. I feel like a new person. New tattoo. New clothes. New patience. New outlook on life.

So folks, it’s been good, right? It’s been a long trek. I’ve written about nearly every single freaking detail of this long trip. Feels like ages ago I was stuck in Tokyo with Kara. It feels like ages ago I was taking that bus to Perhentian Islands. Feels like ages ago I was making my first trip to KL.

So to anyone who’s reading this now and anyone who’s been reading my blog the whole time: Thanks. Thanks for making my story something real. Thanks for saying you think I’m funny because sometimes I think I’m the only one who understands my sense of humor. Thanks for listening.

And if anyone that I’ve met on my travels is reading this. Thanks for making me into this. And to all the other internationals: Thanks for being my family. And thanks to the universe for knowing that I wasn’t supposed to go to Bangkok.

So there’s a lesson to be learned from all of this and I think it’s about how something that feels wrong in the beginning can end up being so amazingly right. And that feels like fate. It really feels like fate.


Terima Kasih Malaysia.

Until Next Time, World.

Last Stop: Australia

So we spent one night in KAB and actually got to meet up with Emily and Shawn because they were there for one night as well. And Ha Sang who was about to leave as well for more travelling on his own. And Baderol came for the night. He’s the Malaysian guy that Leigh and Vicky had met and he had made Emilie this seriously amazing knife with the head of a loon on the handle (cause she’s from Canada, obviously)

And we got some tea with him and then I decided that he should take my guitar, Big Red, for me because I wasn’t going to make the effort to bring it all the way back to the states when I had another great guitar at home. But Big Red was amazing and definitely cured some homesickness for me, and helped me write some good songs so cheers to Big Red!



So then we left KAB for the last time! So many tears were shed.

And we were off to Australia!

No more Asia for me and the change was immediate. Imagine being in a place where everyone speaks English and everything is at least 3 times the price. And you can safely drink the tap water!

And Lenny had booked us in the “party hostel” at Kings Cross and this was shitty because I was feeling sick!

Oh there was so much drama! 

In the airport I was feeling pretty shitty and had been sick and we were at the counter checking into our flight and I had literally just texted my mom a long list of my symptoms so she could give me a remedy when I got super dizzy and then I fainted! Of course I don’t remember it because the next thing I know I’m super disoriented and I just hear “Brenna! Brenna!” and then just like the movies, I open my eyes and Lenny’s face is right there except I like didn’t recognize him at first and he’s like “you fainted” and I’m like “What?” because that has literally never happened to me before in my whole life. And then I notice that there are a bunch of people around and they are all staring at me and some panicking chinese man is like “you were seizing” so I stand right up like “don’t worry I’m fine”

And I faint again! 

And then it’s the same thing and Lenny is like “you fainted again” and then he tells me not to stand up right away which was definitely a good idea. And there’s like a concerned crowd and the AirAsia guy had jumped over the counter. Which is all pretty embarrassing actually. And then I took it easy, but on the plane I felt I was gonna puke and like the whole wait staff got involved in making sure I was okay, which was also pretty embarrassing.

Long story short, it was not the best time to be in a party hostel.

So the first day we take a nap because neither of us slept on the flight and then we go out at night in search of the harbor. And we walk in the complete opposite direction. 

We much have gotten turned around or something, because when we eventually found where we were on the map we were a good 10 blocks in the completely wrong direction. But we got some good pizza which tasted especially good because we hadn’t had decent pizza in ages.

But the next day we made it to the Circle Quay. 


And I thought that the opera house wouldn’t be that exciting but I was wrong! And seeing it was actually incredible. I think that building has some really good energy because every time I saw it on this trip I got excited about it. And then right across it was the harbor bridge.


And so we hung around there for pretty much the whole day and we took a nap in this nice park. And then at night we wandered around for what felt like forever and got Lenny a steak.

We went back to the pier at night and it was super cold so we drank hot chocolate near a heater.


And then the next day we went to the zoo!


That’s a Red Panda!

I was so freaking excited, because those are my favorite animals. My spirit animal actually. And the whole zoo was really nice. It wasn’t like the usually commercially zoos filled with souvenir shops and swirly suckers (unfortunately about the later), but more just animals. And I saw a kangaroo and koala so I feel like I have been in Australia properly. And then I left the zoo feeling kind of like this:


Then the next night we went to Bondi Beach! Which I was excited about because I really love beaches.

So we didn’t want to pay for the stupid trains because it’s like more than 3 dollars to go only a few stops.  So we walked for a long time and then finally got on a bus after a little bit of struggle and made it safely to Bondi. I was missing riding buses anyway. Just kidding. 


And there were actually people out swimming and surfing in this maddening cold weather. But we didn’t swim because we are sane and instead sat and got all sandy because everyone enjoys that.

But I did get sushi and then we walked a long ways more and went back into the city to get dinner. And then at this point we had an established nightly tradition where we would buy some snacks at a grocery store and then bring them into this closed down shopping center because it was warm.

That night Lenny insisted we buy goon which is like really cheap boxed wine in Australia, so we did, and it was shit. As expected. 

Then, the next day Lenny’s mom and her friend Lisa came into Sydney and we met them and then we did the circle Quay and Opera House again with them, which was still cool the second time. And Lenny’s mom loves to tell stories just like Lenny does which was cute and she’s been reading this whole blog too, so yay for people reading my blog!

Love you Grandma!

She brought hidden valley ranch dressing with her and so me and Lenny ate pizza with ranch and felt like kings. It was a good night.

And the next day we went to Manly Beach because I had seen a pretty picture of it and decided that was a place I wanted to go. And it was awesome!


And there were like pine trees around there so we walked a bit around the bay. We really loved walking. The whole Sydney trip was just so much walking!

We got Thai food for dinner and neither Lenny or I were satisfied because obviously we had eaten thai food in Thailand and the comparison just isn’t there.

And then Lenny, his mom and Lisa had to catch a cab to the airport because they are continuing their international travels in Australia, New Zealand and more of Asia. And I had to say goodbye to Lenny, which still makes me really sad thinking about it. I mean, it was only like 4 hours ago. So now I have this nice hotel room that my dad got for me because I was sick and I need sleep before my long flight tomorrow.

The adventure ends tomorrow folks. And I’ll probably have some long summary post, but for now I’m watching Tarzan. And getting much needed sleep for my long flight!!


Brenna And Lenny Do India

This message brought to you by Air Asia, the cheapest airline in the world. 

So, in case you forgot, me and Lenny had found flight to Kochi, India for about 100USD round trip and we had gotten visas from KL after many back and forth trips to the India Visa place and they were sexy.


I had forgotten to add that as Lenny and I are leaving Bali we met up with Ha Sang who was supposed to meet us but never actually made it Gili and the three of us got on the same flight home. And then we get to KL and we only have like a few hours until we would be back in the airport to go to India and then we’re like screw it and we decide to take a cab back to KAB and get a night’s sleep in our own beds before we go.

So then we flew to Kochi! 

And it’s night so we get a cab to our homestay and are greeted by probably the cutest little Indian man ever and then we go right to sleep.

The first day we met our first our first Indian friend.


The first day we mostly just lay around and walk a bit around the Fort Kochi area. Lenny was feeling kind of sick so we had to take it easy for him and honestly the area was pretty small and so there wasn’t a lot for us to do. Though the Indian food was seriously incredible. IMG_3686

Lenny got addicted to the Paneer Butter Masala which is a dish with lots of yummy spices and some fried cheese. I got the variety of Indian dishes which were amazing.

Kochi was right on the coast and there was a beach and these Chinese fishing nets that they put out right in the water.

The second day we walked a long way to get to this recommended lunch place and then that night we went to this Kerala traditional indian show.


The first thing they did was demonstrate the way that the large indian man can move his eyes around and make crazy faces. Then they did this long dance to this music that sometimes sounded like noise and sometimes was really freaking loud. The whole thing was kind of chaos.

Then the next day we went on a houseboat cruise on the Kerala back waters and honestly I was so beautiful.


But the crazy part of it was that the boat didn’t have a motor and instead this small skinny indian man stuck a huge bamboo pole into the water and just pushed the whole boat with that. We actually went like 2 miles an hour through the canals and stuff, and honestly I fell asleep for the last leg of the trip.


And we stopped to see these lotus plants, and this paint-making place, and this rope-making place and we also got a seriously good Kerala lunch so the thing was awesome.

We also bought a lot of fruit and got these weird Indian fruits and there was one that I can’t remember the name of that tasted like toffee and looked like this:


The next day we got a lot of free tuk-tuk rides by agreeing to let them take us to shops on the way and then the shops would pay the drivers for taking tourists to their shops. We drove all around the city with that deal and saw some buddhist temples and ended up buying a couples things, so maybe it wasn’t exactly profitable. We also got to see this stellar view of the city.

That last night we did the coolest thing by watching this show of Indian Music and these were real indian players and the music was so beautiful. They had one man playing the drums and then another singing and it sounded awesome. I’ll have to find a way to post the way that it sounded. Honestly, it was probably me and Lenny’s favorite thing on the trip and I had wished that we had done more things like that.

Overall, honestly we were a little bored at some times, but it was cool that we got to go to India and seriously the food alone was worth the trip.

Yay for India! 

And then we went back from one last night in KAB!




Gili T: Paradise Island

We get up at the crack of dawn (okay, maybe it’s like 7am, but it feels like the crack of dawn to Sleepy Marge) and get a bus to the ferry. Then we take this freezing boat ride and Sarah and Terese break out their ukuleles and play this Malaysian song, but the kicker is that the Indonesian workers also know the song and so obviously a big sing-a-long ensues.


And so we get to Gili Trawangan, this is the island that Lenny has been diving on for the past week. There are no motor vehicles on the island. They do have these little horse-drawn carts but we aren’t classy enough to ride in those. The island is fully of surfers and bums. It’s awesome.

We find Lenny and then proceed to basically bum it for the remainder of the trip. Lenny has been managing to live on the island for about $2 a day. The island is beautiful, and although the sky is a bit cloudy while we are there, we still opt for lots on beach laying.

That first night we find a great live band playing at a reggae bar and then we go back to Lenny’s little bit of paradise by the ocean to camp out for the night.


The next day was Sarah’s Birthday! Well, not technically Sarah’s birthday, but the day before, except she was going to be leaving on her actual birthday so instead we chose to celebrate it the day before.

And we got some seriously delicious pasta for the occasion and we got her all that we could buy on Gili T which was just a post card and a little bracelet.


It was nice to have something to celebrate and not linger on the fact that this was the last time we would all be together! (*crying inside*). And after a beautiful night sleeping right next to the beach again, we had to say goodbye to Terese, Joske and Sarah. Terese was going back to stay in Bali, Joske was going to do Cambodia and Vietnam, and Sarah was hitting Australia before going home.

I definitely cried when they all left. My roomies! :((



It’s Ubud Time


So i have just arrived in the beautiful island of Bali and I’m reunited with all of my friends and basically feeling on top of the world.
We head out for some seriously delicious Balinese food. Celeste has been here at this point for over a week so she knows the lay of the land and all the places to go. And unfortunately I missed the curry night that everyone claimed was “so amazing” and so jealousy from Brenna.
Anyway, then Celeste tells us that tonight at Yoga Barn there is ecstatic dancing. And we go. And your probably thinking “well, what is ecstatic dancing?”
I will tell you curious readers.
That would be about 200 people (mostly hippies, yoga-fanatics, men with long hair, girls in long skirts) in this dimly lit thatched hut in the middle of the jungle all dancing around like crazy. It is not the night club, flashing lights, everyone’s all squished together on this tiny dance floor. These are international hippie humans frolicking about to music that is kind of a mix between mediation sounds and electronic dance beats. And it’s like the second you get there you just have to dance.
And we did. For like and hour and a half straight. This was enough exercise for me for the week!! I wish I could’ve gotten a video, but that’s not allowed and it’s really something you have to be there to understand.
So we retire to Celestes beautiful hotel room and drink a bottle of wine and slip off to sleep feeling pretty damn great.
So I was in turmoil about staying in Ubud or going right to the Gili Islands where Lenny was, but I decided to stay one more day.
So Terese, Joske, Sarah, and I rent 2 scooters from our hostel for about 5 bucks each for the whole day and decide to ride out of the city. And I only nearly died once!
But we ended up at these gorgeous rice fields.

Which were right by all these stands and so we got distracted shopping for a while. Typical girlie shenanigans.
And then we continued on in search of this temple. And it was pretty much a miracle we found it. We would just ride up next to a person on the side of the street and say “temple?” And then they would point in a direction and we would go that one. In one case it came to the point where I just mimed a temple over my head to a truck that was passing through and intersection and they just waved in one direction as were like “sweet! That way!”
But we actually found it!! And got sexy skirts to prove it.

Obviously we were dressed too inappropriately to get into the temple. And what it actually was was a holy spring? And there were people bathing in it, but we assumed if we couldn’t even walk into the temple without help from the locals then maybe it wouldn’t be the best idea to bathe in their holy waters.

So then we headed back. And didn’t die on the scooters. And that night we played a game where we flipped a coin to figure out where to eat. Like “which side of the street?” And ended up at this place we though looked good because there were lots of people, but then it was like pretty good but not amazing and we realized more people were coming in because we were there. And thus realized that we had gone in assuming it was good because of the people and just had become part of this chain reaction that kept this little place really busy all night.
And we went to sleep early because the next morning we were Gili Bound!

School Is Over: Bali Bound

So after finishing my last final: math. Which was atrociously terrible and I really don’t wanna think about it, I set off from KAB to begin my small solitary trip to Bali.
Alright. It wasn’t really solitary because I was gonna meet up with Joske, Terese and Sarah the second I got to Bali.

So I spend the night in KL, soaking up the lights at KLCC and getting some sleep before I’m up at 6am to catch the monorail to KL Sentral, and then the bus to KLIA2 and then after 2 hours of waiting. (So I got to the airport early? Sue me. Being late when traveling gives me anxiety and maybe I did some mental math wrong so early in the morning)
Then I got on my plane to Bali!
And then I got off the plane in Bali and was told that I need to pay 300,000rp which is like 25 bucks, but the problem is that I have about 40ringitt and none of the ATMs are taking my money. So I’m like “shit” and I go to the counter where I’m supposed to pay for my visa and I’m like “hey I don’t have cash” and the woman is like “sorry we only take cash” and I’m like “well, the ATM won’t take my card” and she just kind of looks around like someone help and then finally is like “alright, can I have your card” and she tries it on the secret card reader she’s hiding. And it doesn’t work. But it does work at her neighbors secret card reader.
So the moral of the story is folks: that when they say they only accept cash, they probably actually accept credit cards too. You just have to give them no other option. They still want your money.
So with a new stamp in my quickly-filling passport, I found myself an ATM that actually works and immediately used 30 dollars to get myself a taxi to Ubud. That’s the city where all my friends were, and Lonely Planet claimed was much better than the touristy Kuta (where everyone stays). This I now agree with after seeing both.
So I tried to small talk with my Indonesian cab driver for an hour and a half and then discovered that there is two Tanjung Bungalows in Ubud, because I was dropped at the wrong one and I’m standing in the lobby like “guys?”
It’s chill because it was only like a 15 minute walk to the other one which was gorgeous!!

And we were all reunited!!

The Last Malaysian Hoorah

Kara and Brenna take Melaka (and KL again)


I would like to start by just saying that currently Lenny is in Bali and Kara is packing and really so is everyone else, and I’m the only one who had to take another freaking final. And it’s math, and I’m going to be miserable when everyone leaves and before I can meet them up in Bali. 

Let’s kick off this last KL trip. 

So Lenny was gonna come with us, but he was sick, so we went to pick up our visas for India that had taken forever to get, but they look pretty sexy. 


And then me and Kara met up with Emilie and Shawn (Emilies boyfriend who was visiting from America and he had gotten there just like 2 days ago) for a second to get our hostel and then me and Kara we to go see How To Train Your Dragon 2! 

This movie was seriously amazing. And we were both crying for 3 reasons:

1. The movie was sad and we just have the hearts of children. 

2. Hiccup reminds us of Austin. They are literally the same. 

3. Brenna’s just so sad about the semester ending and feeling pretty emotionally compromised. 

After that we went to the taco place despite the previous un-speakable event where I was unjustly forced to pay 50 ringgit for water, but guess how much the water cost this time? It was freaking free! They just asked if we wanted water and brought us the free stuff this time. I was grumbling, but the tacos and nachos made me feel better. 


Then we went out for one last night in KL. We decided to check out the Reggae hostel because we had stayed in the Reggae in Penang and we liked it there, so we get up on the rooftop and it’s pretty chill. But I guess it was the owner’s birthday because next thing we know, Kara is being pulled up onto a table and then she pulls me up and the guy goes: 

“Hey what are you guys going to do?”

And because I’m not one to miss an opportunity and maybe because I needed to go out on a bang I replied: 

“We’re going to rap” 

And we rapped the Chris Brown verse of Look At Me Now on the table of a Malaysian bar and got free drinks for it. And a hell of a lot of compliments because who would have expected that we would be so badass. 

Then Abdul our Saudi friend got there and we were excited to see him because he had been in Saudi Arabia for a while. And he was gonna take us back to Bukit Bintang, but the Saudis always have other plans they need to take care of before they can do anything so we took a quick detour out of the city, and Abdul bought us orange juice, which seriously may have been the highlight of the night! Freaking delicious orange juice. 

And then on the way back we were subject to some seriously typical Malaysia: 

So the Saudis always get stopped at police check points and are forced to pay money because the Malaysians know that they have money and they are super corrupt. We’re pulled over like normal and they ask for our passports, but unfortunately Emilie and Shawn don’t have their passports. So then this dickhead of a cop starts yelling at them and of course they didn’t know any better and he just wants to get a rise out of them so they will pay him money. 

And then I tried to be like “Well, we know for next time” and the cop told me to shut up. And I was a quarter of a second away from wailing on the guy, but Kara held me back and then we went to sit in the car until the Saudis paid them the amount that they thought was appropriate. 

Typical Malaysia Malarkey

The moral of the story is that the next day we get on a bus and head to Melaka. 

This is the place that freaking everyone had been talking about and a lot of internationals had been earlier when Kara and I where in Cameron and it was kind of a “had to be there” kind of story place, so I was like I’m freaking going to Melaka. 

We get there in the middle of the day. This place is really cool! 


And it used to be like a Dutch port or something like that so there are all these ruins and European shit, which is really cool. 

We got dinner at Nancy’s which is like “place you have to go” in Melaka where there is a long queue, but we got some seriously delicious Melaka-n food and something called a “top hat” which I would recommend if you ever go to this place. It’s like a little hat shaped biscuit/cookie with veggies inside, maybe like onions and mushrooms, but it’s sweet and I ate 5 in addition to my main course. 

It was Saturday, which meant that there was a large market and we went shopping for all our last souvenirs. I’m not saying, but some of you reading may be getting things from Melaka. 

The also have these light-up tuk-tuk bikes that you can ride, so we got one of those home. 


And I spoke some Malay with the driver which made me feel very cool and accomplished. 

The next day we explored some of the European stuff, climbed to the top of this hill to discover that Melaka is right on the ocean and we had no idea. 


And I was depressed about Kara leaving. 

We got back, did a bit more shopping at the Central Market in KL for the last time and I got an adorable polaroid camera that I will use to chronicle my next 3 weeks of traveling and when we met up with Lenny before he went to Bali I took this adorable photo


Because it was Kara and Lenny’s last time seeing each other and my last time seeing them both together and the three of us have the most fun together I think 3 people can ever have, so I was pretty depressed. 

But on the way home Kara and I got our traditional Super Rings and Cottage Fries. She likes Cottage fries, and I like Super Rings, but we both agree that they taste way better together. 



I Got A Tattoo (In Malaysia)


This tattoo has been a long time in the making. I drew it myself. It uses the element of up and down and then put it in a circle patter. It looks like a star and also an atom. It’s a visual representation of energy and the universe. It provides power and energy. 

I’m obsessed. 


We went to the same place where Mia got her tattoo and where Kara and Lenny got their ears pierced in the beginning of the year. It will forever hold the memory of that place and Malaysia which I am super happy about. I was nervous about getting it here, but after Mia’s turned out great I decided it will have even more meaning if I get it in Malaysia. 

I freaking love this place. I find myself getting upset when I think about everyone leaving. There is something so innocent and magical here. There is something amazing about how much of an accident it was for all of us to be here, but how perfect it has been. I’m trying not to think about leaving. I have 4 more weeks to get through. 

Not starting the countdown just yet. 

Last Stop Mandalay

Well Lenny and I were pretty exhausted from the vacation by this point so I think we slept in until about noon on that first day in Mandalay. We had the forethought to book a hotel for the night we took the bus and email them letting them know we would be there late, so when we arrived at 3AM then they were there and ready to check in. We adopted a British guy for the night because he had no where to stay and then he left in the morning for another place. 

First thing, we left the hotel in favor of a cheaper hostel in a better area of the city. 

Then we walked a block over to look for motorbikes! 

And (not sketchy at all) we just sort of rented a bike from this dude on the corner for about 10 bucks. It was a manual, and I can’t drive manual so I was passenger all day. 


And the first day we just rode way out into the countryside. And after an hour or so we decided to stop because despite popular belief it actually kind of gets tiring when you are riding a scooter. And driving in Myanmar was crazy! Lenny had to only focus on driving and I was the GPS because there were a million intersections but no stop signs or stoplights. When you came to an intersection you kinda just had to cross your fingers and go for it. We nearly died many times. 

The second day it was actually raining and we came to an intersection and this one bike was going and we were going and we thought they were going to stop and they thought we were going to stop and so finally we did have to stop and we slid and nearly fell over and I seriously saw my life flash before my eyes. But the Lenny kept the bike up, and we kept going, and luckily we were right by our hotel and it was almost time to go because we got off the bike and I was not getting back on. 

So anyway, we’re in the countryside, and by the way this was after I found the University of Traditional Medicine and I was like “hey, my mom would love that!” so we went in and then were politely asked to leave. It was the nicest way I have ever been kicked out of a place. 


We stop to rest and this nice Burmese guy sees us, rushes inside, and then brings us cold water. It was like heaven. He didn’t speak English but I think we conveyed our thanks. These people are just so freaking nice. 

So that night we went on an adventure outside of the city to this bridge we had heard rumors about and we were supposed to watch the sunset. After a few wrong turns and a struggle explaining our goal to the Burmese people, we ended up at the bridge. It was pretty cool at first but then the sun started setting. 


Seriously the most beautiful sunset I may have ever seen!

So then, it’s dark and we’re trying to head back and we get on the bike to discover that the back wheel is super flat, but this bridge is like in the middle of nowhere so honestly we’re thinking we’re shit out of luck. So we stop at this little restaurant on the side of the street and point at the tire like “help”. So they sit us down, take our tire off, and then go to get it fixed for us. 

This is where the crazy story happens. So we’re sitting down and this Burmese guy comes to try to talk to us, but he doesn’t speak any English and he kinda looks drunk or maybe just like kinda crazy. And he’s miming about driving and going around and sleeping and guns and something and we’re getting relatively freaked out. But then the people come back with our tire and everything is all good.  


So we’re driving away, and remember that its considerable dark and we are kind of away from society, when suddenly there is like rapid honking and the dude from the restaurant is riding up behind us on a scooter and the most eerie part is that he doesn’t even really look at us. He doesn’t even really have an expression, he’s just driving and he passes us, gets up in front of us and then slows down until we pass him. Then he starts honking and comes up fast pass us again! And he does the same thing. 

And I’m like “this is freaky” and he’s kind of wobbling around and I can’t tell if he’s drunk. But we think we’re okay because we’re about at our turn and he goes in front of us again, so we take a quick turn and he goes straight. So we are like phew until suddenly we hear like rapid honking again and he fucking found us! So he starts doing the same thing again. And we’re freaked out, so when we finally get to a place where there are shops, we wait for him to pass and then quickly pull over, turn off our lights and run into the nearby barber shop. 

So that finally lost him. But I was wary the whole ride back that we would see him again because that was freaky.

The last day in Mandalay we did more driving on the bike and playing games on my iPhone. So the funniest part of the day was when we were looking for a gas station, and our bike was almost running out of gas. And we kept pulling over to ask people where to get gas and they would point like a block or two ahead and we would be like “thanks” and drive off and see no gas station! And then the next people we ask point back the way we came. And we drive around in circles for a while until we finally ask yet another person and he’s like “yes I have gas” and he pulls out this 1.5 liter plastic water bottle filled with gas. 

So for $1 we got a liter and half of gas from this random guy on the side of the Mandalay street. 

We took our last VIP bus that night to Yangon for our last day in Myanmar. 

I’m just gonna finish the story now then:

So we get to Yangon in the early morning after a relatively good sleep and we’re not gonna go to a hotel because we’re leaving later that day. We decide at first to go to a pagoda to chill, but after an hour we are both looking at each other like “is there anything else we wanna do in Yangon?” and we’re like “nope” so at 9AM we decide to go to the airport even though our flight isn’t until like 7PM that night. We figured that the airport will probably have food, wifi and air con and room for us to maybe sleep a little bit. 

Well we get to airport and hadn’t even thought that maybe they won’t let us check in. Which they won’t. So we’re suck on the one side of security for about 8 hours and all there is a shitty coffee place and little stand that sells mayo-covered hot dogs. Lenny blows up his mattress and goes to sleep. I watch youtube videos for about the whole 8 hours and drink 3 coffee drinks. 

Finally we get home at about 11PM and take a cab home. It’s probably the worst cab ever. The driver has a lead foot and it’s late, I haven’t slept, I feel sick in the rocking car, and the ride is about 2 hours. 

But we get back!

And have another one of the best sleeps of my life.